About Us

"Anybody waking up surrounded by such amazing scenery, in such a wonderful house, must wake up happy everyday!"

African Woman June 2006

Ali (Alison Porteous) completed her BA (Hons) Media Studies in 1981 and set off for Africa in a Landrover, full of friends and spares. After 2 years of traveling and working in Africa, she returned to the UK and began her career in television current affairs; the only camerawoman to cover war, including with the Mujahideen (Afghanistan), Tamil Tigers (Sri Lanka), Sendero Luminoso (Peru) RPF(Rwanda) and 2 months in Luwero with Museveni and the NRA. Returning in 1986 to film the liberation of Uganda.

From 1994, with her knowledge and experience, she advised H.E President Museveni on information, PR and media. But her passion for adventure took her to Lake Victoria, where for 10 years she developed Bulago Island; some say creating Uganda's very own Riviera!

Island paradise for everyone.
One Minute South has opened her doors to anyone who wants 'to wake up happy everyday'.